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We're so glad you want to refer a friend to our club.

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Offer is only eligible for current active members at Lighten Golf Club. Referred friends are considered referred when they purchase a month to month, 6 month, or annual membership. Friends can only be referred once. Prizes are for single individuals and cardholders of the referring member’s account. Prizes are not eligible for credit with LGC, colors and sizes will be agreed upon by LGC and referring party. Full set of new irons includes set of irons 4-pw chosen by LGC at request of referring member. Lighten Golf Club reserves the right to refuse membership to any persons the choose. Tier 3 and 5 referral prizes are only eligible for the referring member, new referred members will receive the tier 1 prize. Referral program offers end Dec. 30th 2023, uncollected prizes or unregistered members will not be elligible after this date, unless the date it changed by LGC owners. Offers are not legally binding for LGc and are not elligble for cash or credit value or trade in.

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Terms and Conditions for the LGC Referral Program:

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