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  • The league will accommodate the first 12 teams that sign up.

  • Each team will consist of two players.

  • Registration fee: $200.00 per player plus applicable taxes.

  • A portion of the league fee will contribute to the prize fund.

  • Each player will register themselves online at the link above. 

Teams and Registration:


  • Prior to league start, each player will complete a single 18-hole round to determine handicap. 

  • Players who do not establish a TrackMan handicap prior to start will begin the season with a handicap of 0. Maximum handicap is 15.

  • Weekly scores will be handicap adjusted to give a net score. 

  • Handicap is update weekly based on performance.

  • Each week, will consist of one 18-hole round.

  • Points breakdown will be as follows:


  • LGC Fall Golf League will commence Sunday, October 1st and run for 7 weeks, with 2 weeks of playoffs for the top 4 teams.

  • Playoff format will be bracketed and seeded based on regular season points, with single elimination.

  • Teams can schedule their round anytime during the week.

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Results and Prizes:

  • Playoff teams will be determined based on the total points accumulated throughout the season.

  • The top 4 teams qualify for the LGC League Playoffs.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the final 4 teams, along with the title of LGC Fall Golf League Champions.

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Ready to Compete?

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